Goals and Objectives for this Module

Irrigation System Selection and Design - Focusing on the types of systems, their components, water application concepts and system evaluation are goals for this module. At the beginning of each topic I give specific objectives that should tell you what we want you to focus upon. So, the overall objectives of this module are:

Module Objectives:

You will recognize some of the engineering terms used in irrigation systems.

1. You will be aware of the various types of irrigation systems and their purposes and applications.

2. You will understand the differences in using overhead versus drip irrigation in container production.

3. You will learn about the various components of an irrigation system.

4. You will learn about water application measurements, including interception efficiency.

5. You will learn that the leaching fraction tells you how much water has leached out the bottom of a container, carrying nutrients with the water.

6. You will learn and understand methods of system evaluation.